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After a while, the site is active again. Until 5-6 years ago, directory sites which were bringing together thousands of links were extremely popular. What was the cause? First of all, the way people used to browse the internet. At the time before the advent of Google, to find a specific site that you need was an extraordinary problem. People were therefore devised ever new ways in various ways. Some have committed to bookmark favorite sites, while others go a step further: in one place they collected links to other sites. A particular challenge was the organization of these sites.

Visualization of data

Organization of website links


The way the data is organized in relation to various attributes is called metrics. To sort the websites, it is necessary to define attributes. Take, for example, a site that deals with the announcement of new cars. This site as an attribute can have the name of company that produces it (Toyota, Mazda, WV, Volvo), model of car, types of car: Sedan, MPV, SUV, Van, the size of a car: small, medium, large. Definition of a large number of attributes gives the best result. On the directories then you could do a search through the available attributes, as well as the available descriptions. The big drawback was the inability to search content of the websites that were listed in the directories. At the time of the prior 15 years or more directories of the websites were still the best place to find the information that you need.

Appearance of web search


However, the emergence of Google and other major search engines changed everything. It was enough to type search term to get hundreds of sites in the second that include the search term you want. You’re no longer need to remember complicated addresses of websites or directories. It was enough to have a google as a homepage and everything was resolved. New web search offered everything you need in a split of second. Of course, after the whole system was a very complex algorithm to index and search data. What separated google from other search engines, it was the absence of advertising. By that time it was the practice for the advertiser to buy a place in the search results. Google has also introduced the possibility of advertising, but it was visibly stressed.


The whole system of making the relevant sequence for a keyword in the search was based on links. Lary Page devised a system in which the sites were ranked by relevancy. The whole system was given a metric called Page Rank (a play on words referring to the author’s name). The system is based on the fact that sites with links from sites with high PR have better rating. Of course, from the time the system was introduced, thousands of people were trying to deceive him.

web statistics


Here we come to the new features that were given to web directories. The owners of these websites have made new business model. It was necessary only to earn as much PR to the web directory. After that, the owner of every website would be charged for linking to another site. Because they continue to be important to their sites receive incoming links, offered the possibility of reciprocal link exchange. At that time google precluded this possibility. This new directory youth lasted for years. Until a few years ago google failed to punish most of these sites due to manipulation of search results. From that moment the directories again lost its importance.


It remains to be seen whether in the future these sites again become important. For now they are still in a bad position, but each day brings new challenges, and it may happen that these sites become popular again.


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