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2017 Land Rover DC 100 Concept will have 2.0 Liter engine with 280 horse power and 280 lb feet of torque. Transmission will be 8 even 9 speed automatic. Engine will also have at least 4 cylinders with V6 – units. It is speculating now that engine rather be Ford 2.2 Durator on Quadrim designs with 187 hp and 332 lb feet of torque. It is also speculating about  2.0 liter Ingenium engines (turbo diesel and turbo petrol. Mentioned engine V6 will be also predicted for 3.0 l.

2017 Land-Rover-Defender-DC100

Directors of design claims that design of Land Rover DC 100 will be company’s best product in that class. It will be rich, lifestyle, fully timed and expensive model with pretty good performances. It will back to the roots model.  New concept won’t look like any previous concepts of Land Rover Defender. Essence will be same as previous models,  but  look won’t. Design will be mix between high performance and up-beat visual designing. DC 100 will have spare wheel located on back of a trunk. There will be sport and pick-up model. Pick-up model will have 5 seats and crew cab.

All connoisseurs of Land Rover vehicles know that there is a version with three rows of seats. It is a vehicle Land Rover LR4, which has seven seats, but some sources announce the version of this SUV with eight seats.

DC 100 will have 2 doors, 4 wheel drive, front-engine, and 3-pass. Wheel base will be 100 inches. Length will be 162.8, width- 77.4 and height will be 61, 4 inches.

2017-Land-Rover-DC-100 5 seater

Wright now there is no information about future style of DC 100 concept. For now it’s known that style probably will remind on DC concept in 2011. That concept was Defender. Producers and designers engineers still work on style of this car. Because they choose to change previous concepts, Concept DC 100 is something that company still working on.  It is thinking about adopting PLA platform, so the structure will be rugged and stiffer. It is expecting that final design will take place in middle of 2016.

Interior of DC 100 sport version will be easier for drivers and modern. Switchgear will be stylish like Jaguar Land Rover models have it. It will have Auto Terrain Response which could anticipate drive on any landscape and could be adapted for changes in landscape. ATR will have sensors which can predicted traversing water, driveline disconnect, torque vectoring for off-road and both on. Engineers will especially work on enhancing capability of Auto Terrain System.

Land-Rover-DC100 next pick

On U.S market this Concept DC 100 will probably be shown by the end of 2016. Some information says that this SUV  won’t be expected  before 2019, because it will take a time to built and produce totally new concept of this SUV car.

Wright now there is no information about price of 2017 Land Rover DC 100.

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